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I took an early interest into programming in High school and proceeded to College on track to get a BS in Computer Science. The birth of my daughter did delay my education and I am now looking for more work as a Web Developer. I received my start in web developement when I was working as Technical Support for Crescent Processing Company. The company was completely devoid of any central and uniform information, so I took the initiative to create a small web application using a free web host and hard HTML. I quickly learned that for the application to be free standing that I would need to make it editable on the web. After a brief amount of searching I found Wikka Wiki which was a dying if not dead project that provided exactly what I needed. From there I started to learn PHP when I needed to make little tweaks to the system and how it worked, and especially how to install it on my web host.

In the middle of this side personal project I was hired full time by New World Recycling where I am now implementing that same application and creating various utilities for it to run to the desires of the companies consultant. Thus far, I have re-themed the entire page with help on the graphics by my graphic designer, added a more intimate and customizable user heirarchy, implemented a test that challenges the user's knowledge of metal descriptions, their product codes, and pictures of the metals, and a description/code/image management system. This test is for training the employees. The premise is to make a program that can help automate the company and thus save money on not needing to hire as many people to do the work that one person could do if they had the resources.

I've also designed a survey portal that has been implemented into a kiosk in the customer area to gather survey information, deliver the company's current coupons to the customer via e-mail or text, and display our current price sheet, that auto refreshes every second to mimic a stock market experience for the customer. However this kiosk, since it is customer facing, had to be locked down to prevent the customers from gaining access to anything they were not meant to. Using some 3rd party software I was able to create an experience that upon starting the computer, the user would be logged into a user that cannot close any Microsoft window, and would start a kiosk mode ie8. The only things that the user would see is the web page, and if they tried and keyboard short cuts, that would find themselves only pressing buttons with no results.

At this point, I am continuing to develope these employee resources, finding ways to improve efficiency within the application programming as well as layout of the handbook for the end user. I am also working to improve the main website for customer view. I am using CodeIgniter as the framework getting practive in an MVC environment. Screenshots of my work are available in my portfolio.